If you asked me two weeks ago did I think I’d have my own shop space any time soon I’d have said no. A little shop came up in Mt Victoria just around the corner from home and I still didn’t really think I could do it. So I asked around to see who might share the space with me (it was originally two stores that have been opened up into one big room). Inmediately after putting it out into the universe, a friend contacted me saying she would love to share the space. So here we are… ready to open on Saturday afternoon!

The address is:
Mount Vic and Me
113a Great Western Highway
Mount Victoria 2786

I’ll still deciding my hours but thinking Friday – Sat – Sun – Mon and I will be selling other local designer wares, something that excites me that I can promote. These will be carefully curated by me to go with my MVAM theme and Australiana feel.

I’ll be painting and doing my graphic design work there too mid-week. The perfect space to create!

I love this old photo. My little shop was one a petrol station. The bowser blocks and steps are still outside the shop, as well as the original tiles. It’s gorgeous.

Always something new at Mount Vic and Me.

Thursday 2nd November 2017