Open today 10am-4pm and would love to see you!

I’ve been inspired by a trade show I went to a couple of days ago… inspired to create beautiful things locally designed (and as best I can) created in Australia. There is some exciting news coming soon about this. 

I’m upset to see small businesses in the Blue Mountains shutting down. Good solid businesses like Meet Me At Matts, Blackheath Haberdashery, Blackheath Hub and now Hana Japanese Restaurant in Leura. I hope they are able to continue in a new vein with their businesses or create something new.

Small business is tough and we need to support them. Even if you can’t buy something, pop in to your local shops and say g’day. The Blue Mountains is an incredible destination to visit and we are lucky we have such great shops to visit as well as our beautiful natural surroundings.

Over and out. x

Always something new at Mount Vic and Me.

Thursday 1st March 2018