MARCH 2019

I am changing my retail shop into my ‘studio shop’.

What does this mean?

I will be concentrating on some exciting new business development, promoting the wholesale aspect of my business and will be using my gorgeous space as a studio. I won’t be open all weekend, every weekend but using this creative space a bit differently. Of course, if the A-frame sign is out the front, please feel free to come on in where you can browse and purchase. Otherwise, I could be inside creating something new. I will be offering free post (over certain amount) soon and reworking some of my business plan. Stay tuned!

By appointment: please email – unless you see my A-frame sign parked out front then come on in!

PARKING: you are welcome to come up the driveway to the side of 113 and park there, you can park directly across the road outside The Imperial Hotel or if you turn into Station St, there is parking there too.