New design ‘Flamingos’ greeting card.

You can find it here:

Despite most of us Australians thinking Proteas are native – they are not! But I do love the large colourful blooms so I have bought three and planted them to add more colour here. The winter hasn’t really hit us (ie NO snow as yet!) and the buds are already starting to burst. Fingers crossed for snow on Monday as predicted. My chooks have also been laying up a storm, something they arent usually doing this early in the season in the Blue Mountains. Such hot Feb temps then a weird mild winter.

‘Blue Dog’ Acrylic on canvas by Kara Cooper, Mount Vic and Me.

You can find it here:

I’m very excited about some of the artworks I’m creating. Going back to working by hand is a lovely thing. Much more time consuming, completely therapeutic and satisfying. I have a number of original artworks for sale on my website now and I’d love you to check them out. Perfect for something for yourself or great as a gift (Christmas is coming!).

Saturday 5th August 2017